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How do I become a Chapter Ambassador?



  • Chicky

    Hello Ophelie and Technovation Team,

    I would like to start by Congratulating the Technovation team and the kids who participate. I look forward the submissions of each year as it opens up a sneak peak into different parts of the world. How the girls around the world are so confident and trying to address problems around them in their own way. 

    The program is a big commitment and ver comprehensive and gives excellent exposure.

    My name is Chicky Bhavnani and I have been associated with Technovation for last 3 years as parent, mentor and a judge, slowly progressing each year. 

    This year I would like to propose to be the Regional Ambassador for my Region. While the program started quite actively in Hongkong in 2017 but it just slowed over the next two years. 

    I am a computer engineer and an IT professional with more than 25+ years experience in various leadership positions around the world. In Oct 2018 I joined Makerbay a makerspace which focuses on social and environmental impact as the CEO.

    I think with my background and current role I feel that I could contribute very actively to this program.

    I am the oldest of three sisters who grew up in India so I understand the challenges that women face in India and around the world both at home and workplace. I also have a 14 year old daughter who has participated in Technovation for last three years and she loved it each time. 

    My current organisation focuses on teaching students and adults about impact innovation, basically innovation to create an impact on environment and social issues. I am happy to share more details on what we do and my work in the past years. Please let me know the contact person.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Please find below my brief profile:

  • Ophelie Horsley

    Hi Chicky, I just sent you an email. 


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