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  • Casey Wong

    Is there a minimum number of members needed to form a team? I.e can there be a 1 girl team with 1 mentor?

  • Ophelie Horsley

    Hi Casey, 

    Thank you for your interest in Technovation! A team can have anywhere from 1 to 5 students and from 0 to 2 or more mentors. So yes, you could have a team of one, although this means a lot more work for that person. 

  • Casey Wong

    Great - are all the conditions I.e. dates/timeline/curriculum/judging criteria etc remain the same for a 1 girl + 1 mentor team?

  • Ophelie Horsley

    Yes, everything is the same.  But if you start now, you get some extra time to work on the curriculum and get your app done. :) 

  • مي حلمي

     هل هناك حد ادنى من الاعضاء المطلوبين لتشكيل فريق


  • Ophelie Horsley


    A team can have anywhere from 1 to 5 students and from 0 to 2 or more mentors. 

  • Ophelie Horsley

    Participants have to identify as female. However, mentors can be men or women. 

  • David Digaetano

    If only one member of the team is 15 by August 1st, 2018 but the rest are 14, does that team automatically become a Senior Team?

  • Eva Koldovskaya

    Can a student of a university participate?

  • Ophelie Horsley

    Hi Eva! 

    As long as you are not over 18 by August 1st, 2019, you can participate. 

  • Тансулуу Арапбаева

    Мне сейчас в данный момент 18 лет ,но в 2019 году 1 августа уже 19 будет ,я могу принять участие ??

  • Nick Luu


    Unfortunately, you cannot be over 18 on August 1st, 2019 in order to participate.

  • Julius Mwangi

    Hello. What does the teacher who motivates and ensures everything
    needed is availed has to gain at the end?

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